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Based on the following, I would never ride or drive in Russia or the far east. 

Seems a long time since I rode around South Africa for 5 days. It was surreal, scary, exciting but above all mind blowing. I was fortunate enough to do it through the magazine I used to work on but should you want to go and experience this amazing country for yourself then get in touch with Mike Glover at Red Cherry Adventures in Port Elizabeth and he’ll come up with a route/adventure to suit your needs.

Cafe Racer Evo1

This will be good, you should all go to it. Why do I think this? Because it’s being organised by Dutch at which lil’ old MD here is part of.

I’ll be posting more info and artwork as I finish it but we’ve had to move to a larger hall due to interest from you folks and friends of ‘the shed’.

Keep those dates free!

The wilderness is a chance to find out what we are all made of, The Wildness Collective set out on an adventure to rediscover masculinity and battle nature on a 334 mile journey from Sequoia National Forest to the legendary Yosemite valley, riding motorcycles through woods and mountain passes.

That place where we go, the reason why we ride… to the edge. Beautifully told by the great Hunter S. Thompson.

The “Norton” stealing some screen time in the beautifully shot The Master directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Just three easy steps with the Honda Mini Trail.

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